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Your Digital Shopping Assistant

Atlas offers your stores an AI shopping assistant via text message. Using the latest technology in Digital Indoor Mapping and Natural Language Processing, Atlas gives your customers the ability to text your store number to ask questions and locate products they need. 

A texting chat bot for your customers

Shopping Just Got A Lot Easier

Texting is the fastest way to give your customers access to store data and can drive app adoption. 

No Download Required

97% of smartphone owners text making it the most used 

smartphone feature.

The average consumer

spends 85% of their time

using just 5 apps.

Texting is universal

Mobile apps are limited

Why Text?

Face it, your shoppers need a search tool

Over 20% of shoppers leave the store without their full purchase intent

84% of shoppers have difficulty finding products on store shelves

71% of shoppers want to solve customer service issues on their own

Help shoppers find what they came into the store to purchase, and prevent them from walking out.

Attract Shoppers With The Best Experience

Gather critical data from your customers' requests to influence product placement and floor planning.

Increase your store's profitability

Save Lost Sales

Maximize Product Placement


Conversion Rates

Give vendors advertising opportunity through brand highlights in Atlas.

Shopper: “Where’s the ketchup?”

Chat bot: “Heinz ketchup can be found in Aisle 9 and here’s a coupon!”

Engage your shoppers in a fun and helpful way, converting browsers to buyers and repeat customers.

Shoppers in 2017 prefer experience over price more than ever. Use Atlas to engage your customers, encourage them to shop longer, spend more and stay loyal.

Personalize Marketing With Big Data 

Capture your shoppers' search history and data mine to predict products your shoppers want to buy. Then advertise customized digital coupons for those products.

Access New Advertising Revenue

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